Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Steam Key EMEA

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Описание и характеристики

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite key offers an action fighting game developed by Capcom. Experience the epic clash between two universes in the next era of highly revered action-fighting game series and immerse in thrilling player-versus-player combat like never before! Pick your favourite characters both from Marvel and Capcom universes and engage in a devastating 2v2 team battles, with a bunch of new moves, combinations, and gameplay dynamics! The Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite key presents an amazing roster of characters with all-time favourites like Cpt. Marvel, Iron man, Ryu, Mega Man X, and many more! Buy Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite key and experience an unprecedented story where both heroes and villains will have to team up, to fight never before seen threat and save the colliding universes from the ultimate evil! History’s greatest warriors will unite, and the result you’ll witness is more than epic! Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite key offers a vast array of single-player and multiplayer missions to choose from, including training, mission, arcade mode as well as robust online matches such as ranked, and casual face-offs, spectator mode, online lobbies and more!

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