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Buy Monster Hunter: World (Digital Deluxe Edition) on ENEBA! Prepare for a journey with many dangerous beasts ahead! Even the fiercest of beasts have their weaknesses, can you find them? Monster Hunter: World is an action RPG developed by Capcom. Traverse the New World, explore its ecosystem and always be aware of monstrous creatures you share this world with. For example, a wyvern-like creature called great Jagra can swallow its prey whole and is significantly stronger once it has eaten, or Radobaan, an armoured spiky creature whom gets really irritated if provoked, and Nergigante… you'd rather not meet Nergigante at all. Become a true monster hunter in this breathtaking RPG adventure! Strategize thoroughly and sneak upon a vast variety of monstrous creatures, use your carefully selected weapons and traps to hunt down these massive beasts within this magical realm. Free beginner tip: use of survival tool such as a ghillie suit is never a bad idea! Become the Deluxe samurai warrior and slay your monsters with honour and dignity! The Monster Hunter: World Digital Deluxe Edition offers you: •Samurai Set •Additional Gesture 1: Zen •Additional Gesture 2: Ninja Star •Additional Gesture 3: Sumo Slap •Additional Sticker Set 1: MH All-Stars Set •Additional Sticker Set 2: Sir Loin Set •Additional Face Paint: Wyvern •Additional Hairstyle: Topknot •14 Special Avatars

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