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Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio continue to expand upon their already vast space opera grand strategy title with a generous amount of downloadable content. Buy Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack DLC Steam key to add new, mineral-based species to the game known as Lithoids. Make no mistake – this isn‘t merely a cosmetic upgrade. Along with the new Lithoid species, new gameplay mechanics are introduced, giving players even more options to experience this breathtaking sci-fi epic! Unique Lithoid cosmetics Develop an interstellar empire of sentient minerals! The uniqueness of such an alien concept is reflected in the creative portraits, architecture, and ship designs exclusive to Lithoids. Spaceship fleets of this species look more like mobile asteroid fields while Lithoid city artwork depicts exotic architecture of crystal structures and rock formations. Buy Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack Steam key and you‘ll also receive 15 creative Lithoid portraits along with a brand new voice over pack. New gameplay mechanics Lithoid DLC also adds new gameplay features that give Stellaris even more variety and replay value. Being made up entirely of minerals, Lithoids prove to be exceptionally durable and easily adapt to extreme environments with their 50% habitability bonus. Unlike other Stellaris species, Lithoids use minerals as both a building resource and a food supply. Their terravore swarms have the capacity to devour worlds, extracting minerals and alloys in the process at the cost of habitability. If you want to command truly extraordinary species of the Stellaris universe – buy Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack Steam key today! Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack includes: • Creative designs. Explore and colonize the galaxy with a unique spaceship fleet! Lithoid ships and buildings are visually interesting rock formations with glowing crystal elements; • Gameplay mechanics. Deploy terravore swarms, use rocky substances as your main resource and develop mineral-based interstellar empires with no equal; • Lithoid portraits. DLC includes 15 Lithoid portraits and one additional portrait for a Lithoid robot; • New voice overs. Downloadable content adds new audio files to the game; • You can buy Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack Steam key for a cheap price!

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