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Tropico 5 Complete Collection features the original Tropico 5 management simulation game as well as all the released expansion packs! Tropico 5 Complete Collection Includes: • Original Tropico 5 game • Waterborne Expansion Pack • Espionage Expansion Pack • Inquisition Expansion Pack • The Big Cheese Expansion Pack • T-Day Expansion Pack • Mad World Expansion Pack • The Supercomputer Expansion Pack • Surfs Up! Expansion Pack • Generalissimo Expansion Pack • Gone Green Expansion Pack • Joint Venture Expansion Pack • Supervillain Expansion Pack Tropico 5 developed by Haemimont Games is a management strategy game packed with humour, good controls, and a very smooth feel to it. Expand your Republic through four different eras as El Presidente, the supreme leader of your creation! Change the Constitution to meet your desires and create family members that will continue your legacy after you meet your end! Control your inhabitants, create job and education opportunities for them and either be a generous leader or a ruthless ruler! Keep an eye on import and export, provide housings, discover advancements in technology and make your little sanctuary bloom with prosperity! Most important — always be aware of intruders coming to take what you’ve worked so hard for!

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