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Buy 1-2 Switch Nintendo Switch eShop key and throw an unexpected party anywhere with anyone. Thanks to a new playstyle, brought to you by Nintendo, players now look at each other instead of a screen! The 1-2 switch is a multiplayer party game for the Nintendo Switch developed and published by Nintendo. The game is played with each player using a separate Joy-Con, focusing on each other, rather than the television screen. Play Face-to-Face The action happens off-screen, so the audience watches the players themselves. This makes it as entertaining to watch as it is to play, an instant party kicker! Buy 1-2 Switch Nintendo Switch eShop key and look at your friends rather than the screen. Compete in the new and stylish party video game, full of fast and fun face-to-face games. Take Your Party Anywhere You Want Bring the action and fun into the real world as you face your friends. Each game takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch system’s Joy-Con controller features in different ways. Bring fun and surprise wherever you travel by using the built-in stand of the Nintendo Switch system. The system comes together with a pair of Joy-Con controllers, allowing the party to start with just one system for instant multiplayer fun. Enjoy a Wide Variety of Games With 1-2 Switch Nintendo Switch eShop key, the list of games to play is huge. It includes: Ball Count, Treasure Chest, Quick Draw, Safe Cracker, Samurai Training, Signal Flags, Sneaky Dice, Soda Shake, Baby, Baseball, Joy-Con Rotation, Fake Draw, Table Tennis, Beach Flags, Boxing Gym, Eating Contest, Plate Spin, Sword Fight, Wizard, Air Guitar, Copy Dance, Dance-Off and more. Anyone Can Play 1-2 Switch has intuitive and simple controls that use Joy-Con features. Simple rules make it easy for anyone to learn to play and fun for everyone who’s watching. Each player holds a single Joy-Con, while different games use different controller features, such as motion control, HD rumble, or the IR Motion Camera.

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