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Games published by Daedelic Entertainment are often known for their well-written stories, distinct atmosphere, and exploration of complex themes. Buy The Suicide of Rachel Foster Steam key and you will see that this first-person psychological horror adventure game developed by One-O-One Games is not an exception. Take up the role of a young woman named Nicole who returns to an abandoned family hotel with the intent to deal with her difficult past. Naturally, things don’t go exactly as she intended… Compelling story The game is set in the year 1993. A decade ago, Nicole and her mother left the family-owned hotel after learning about an affair between Nicole’s father and her own classmate Rachel who later on ended her own life. Buy The Suicide of Rachel Foster Steam key to see the story unfold ten years later: after both of her parents die, Nicole returns to the abandoned hotel with the intent to sell it and repay Rachel’s family for their loss. Unexpectedly, a snowstorm traps her inside leaving Nicole with no contact with the outside world aside from an old cellular phone. Traped in an old family hotel One of the best things about this title is its ability to create an unsettling atmosphere without relying on cheap jump scares. You’ll roam around empty corridors and basements, looking for supplies and food. Buy The Suicide of Rachel Foster Steam key and you will see an unconventional form of horror. Nicole’s visit to the old hotel manages to revive old suppressed memories and forces her to face the ghosts of her past.  She is not alone in this journey however, as throughout all of this ordeal Nicole will stay in phone communication with a young FEMA agent named Irving, who will also serve as her guide. Impressive graphics Gameplay-wise, this experience is presented from the first-person perspective and surprises the player with quite of few impressive technical feats. Buy The Suicide of Rachel Foster Steam key and enjoy a game with graphics that are nearly photorealistic at various moments. The physics of the game are also very decent, with the hotel environment being filled with various objects that can be picked up or interacted with. All of this perfectly complements the overall atmosphere of the game, making The Suicide of Rachel Foster a more realistic, believable and enticing experience.

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