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Risen 3 (Complete Edition) provides you with the full Risen 3 experience! Risen 3 (Complete Edition) includes: • The original Risen 3: Titan Lords game • Adventure Garb DLC • Fog Island DLC • Uprising of the Little Guys DLC Risen 3 is an action RPG developed by Piranha Bytes. The Gods have abandoned the human realm, and the risen Titans are now the new rulers. In a world overwhelmed by darkness you play as the young warrior who has been deprived of his soul, still resilient and fierce he vows to return what belongs to him no matter the cost. Explore the vast open world environments from little medieval villages and towns, to very depths of dark mines and even the supernatural shadow world! Choose one of the three paths to take in order to achieve your goal. Your decisions will matter and impact the whole gameplay so choose wisely. Your closest ally can betray you, and what was your enemies could join forces in time of need. Risen 3: Titan Lords world is sinister and full of misery, and yet it’s solely up to you to form and shape your destiny however you please.

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