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Hell Warders is a third-person action-strategy game developed by Anti Gravity Game Studios! Hell is emerging, the demon hordes are sprawling from the underground, and it’s up to the heroes of the ancient order, also known as Hell Warders, to stop the incoming doomsday from happening. Control supernatural characters and fend off wave after wave of most devious hell-spawns and their deadly commanders. A Clever Mix of Genres Hell Warders key brings something eccentric and unique to both strategy and action lovers. This captivating mash-up presents controllable heroes with amazing powers and devastating skills. You will not only try to fend off the incoming evils, but also will have to build numerous fortifications, and all kinds of other defence-oriented units, all in order to prevent the world from damnation! Connectivity Buy Hell Warders key and join the ancient order! The best thing about this thrilling game is that while it can be played alone, it’s much more enjoyable in 4-player co-op mode! Strangers will become friends through intuitive online matchmaking, and friends will become brothers in arms. Nothing can strengthen a friendship bond better than shared fierce battle for survival! Other Features The Hell Warders key offers three distinct heroes to choose from, each of them has its own playstyle, unique weapons, and devastating skills! Master you hero, complete the game’s stages and unlock powerful artefacts, gain valuable experience, upgrade your skills and face even greater foes ahead! The battle promises to be fierce, but you are well-prepared!

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