Age of Wonders III (Deluxe Edition) Steam Key GLOBAL

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Описание и характеристики

Age of Wonders III: Deluxe Edition is a great addition to the collection of any strategy role-playing game fan. Along with the base game itself, this edition contains exclusive content which includes: • The Original Soundtrack for Age of Wonders III • Dragon’s Throne Scenario, a scenario that acts as a standalone game and tells a story of Dragons still roaming about in the modern-day world This turn-based strategy game combines global strategy, roleplaying, and battle tactics in a vivid world which promises a fresh experience to any fan of the genre. You will have to create a ruler and decide on his class, choosing from Sorcerer, Theocrat, Rogue, Warlord, Archdruid or Dreadnought. Then, you will research skills and improve infrastructure to make your empire stronger. When you're well and ready, it will be time to start aggressive negotiations with your rivals. Hopefully, your arguments will prove to be stronger.

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