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When it comes to arcade game franchises, few are as legendary and well-known as Mega Man. And legendary is not a word that ought to be thrown about. Mega Man has always been the poster boy for arcades and its newest release, Mega Man 11, is no different! Back from the brink With this release, Capcom honestly brought back to life a franchise that may have seemed to be on a downward spiral with this latest release, as it captivates everything you might want out of a Mega Man game. The characters will become like a family to you, the action and the already familiar 8 different stages to start from! New or Old? The graphics in Mega Man 11 have been improved to make it feel like a full-fledged 3D game while also retaining the classic side-scrolling arcade-style. There is no rejuvenation with this release, as this was never the goal. Instead, you get what you loved about the old games but tuned to 110% to make it that much more enjoyable! What is coming back? The bosses are coming back, as any arcade would be dull without them. However, all bosses in Mega Man 11 are unique to this game only. You will also find familiar, themed levels to play through and the in-game animation is also one that you would normally associate with the franchise, which is great, as it means the familiar feel has remained, while the game itself is improved in every way!

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