PlayStation Plus Card 30 Days (ES) PSN Key SPAIN

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  • Производитель: Sony Online Entertainment


Описание и характеристики

Get the PlayStation Plus Card 30 Days (ES) and enjoy tons of benefits you receive by becoming a PS Plus member. If you’re new to the PlayStation Network services, you might not know that there are two parts to the deal. While PSN comes free of charge, numerous platform’s features are only accessible through a monthly subscription fee, and this offer right here provides you with precisely such subscription! While a 30 Days subscription period certainly isn’t the most beneficial (if counting the pay per day formula), it’s just enough to see where lies the strengths of being a member. Buy the PlayStation Plus Card 30 Days (ES) and get to enjoy 2 free monthly games, because each month, the PS Plus club provides players with 2 captivating experiences entirely free of charge! Also, for a 30 Days period, you’ll be able to take your playthroughs online! Having a membership allows you to join millions of players online in any of your games with the multiplayer feature! And that’s not all, the mechanically precise matchmaking system will evaluate your skill level and match you with like-minded players so you could hone and test your skills with ease – ultimate entertainment value guaranteed! It’s also worth buying the PlayStation Plus Card 30 Days for all the discounts on the PS Store! And there are tons of members-exclusive discounts for multiple games! If you’re planning to acquire a few titles in the following month, it’s a great idea to acquire this 30 Days Card, because it’s very likely that it’ll pay for itself and even save you some pretty penny in the process!

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