From the Depths Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Производитель: Brilliant Blue-G


Описание и характеристики

From the Depths key is a strategy building game developed by Brilliant Skies Ltd. The game is in its alpha phase, and the amount of content it already carries within is remarkable. Create hot air balloons, planes, submarines, space ships, and immense battleships in a creative mode allowing you to push the very limits of reality. From the Depths key presents captivating story mode where you can play a number of missions as one out of eight factions, defend your fleet against extreme challenges and unlock new components with each completion. Buy From the Depths key and play (eventually) in an expansive co-op and multiplayer environments with a fantastic community! You won’t run out of things to try out as new additions, updates, and features are released weekly. From the Depths is ever-growing and expanding, from the depths it rises!

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