Sudden Strike 4 - Africa Desert War (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Производитель: Kalypso Media Digital


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Sudden Strike 4: Africa Desert War is an expansion to the beloved real-time strategy game developed by Kite Games. This expansion centres on the Western Desert Campaign during WWII. Shift the axis of power in the fiercest war throughout our history, play in two mini-campaigns and complete six new single-player missions! The Axis campaign offers you an opportunity to relive the Italian advance on Egypt and play as the German general Erwin Rommel or three additional Italian commanders! The Allied campaign will task you to break the German defensive fronts in the Battle of Mareth by playing as the notorious Sir Richard O’Connor, an armoured general! To initiate and execute your conquests to your maximum ability, Sudden Strike 4: Africa Desert War expansion also introduces over 30 new destructive vehicles!

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