Dawn of Andromeda (incl. Early Access) Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Производитель: Iceberg Interactive


Описание и характеристики

If you’re a fan of 4X strategy, this space-exploration RTS piece is about to fulfil even your wildest expectations. Developed by Iceberg Interactive and published by Grey Wolf Entertainment, Dawn of Andromeda key presents a captivating experience in which you’ll be required to create your very own empire from scratch. Conquer and colonize multiple planets spanning through the vastness of space and interact with a whole ton of factions and characters – for better or worse. The Galaxy is Yours Andromeda galaxy is vast, it’s much broader than you’d first expect, and all of it serves as your personal playground. This space odyssey allows you to fill the Emperor’s shoes and embark on an adventure that will require everything you’ve got to succeed. From outlaws and pirate clans to merchants and mercenaries, to every known and yet unknown space object – buy Dawn of Andromeda key and encounter every aspect the game can offer first-hand. The Four Grand X’s When it comes to the four X’s of strategy, the title excels and offers unprecedented gameplay regarding each. Expand, explore, exploit and exterminate – the highest level of strategy is required on every aspect all throughout your gameplay and the dynamic and ever-changing galaxy will put you under multiple challenges to both, test your skill, and provide a significant entertainment value the further in the vastness you reach. Combat & Diplomacy Much as you’d expect from a game of such scale and size, the Dawn of Andromeda key offers exceptional systems for those who prefer to dominate in warfare and those who are keener to choose a more peaceful approach. The game boasts multiple win conditions, and the in-game AI will make sure that your friends and foes would make decisions that might even surpass those of your own. The galaxy has an intricate balance, and your decisions will greatly impact everything around you – play wisely.

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