Sacred 3 (Gold Edition) Steam Key GLOBAL

514 р.
  • Производитель: Koch Media


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Love Sacred 3? Have been hearing a lot about it and you’re keen to try it? Well, Keen Games and Deep Silver have got you covered with Sacred 3 Gold Edition, that not only offers you the Base Game, but all DLC content available for the game as well! The full list of content features: • Sacred 3 • Sacred 3. Orcland Story • Sacred 3. Z4angri13f Weapon Spirit • Sacred 3. Orc of Thrones • Sacred 3. Underworld Story • Sacred 3. Malakhim Hero Immerse yourself in non-stop multiplayer action with Sacred 3, a Hack and Slash RPG from Deep Silver / Koch Media! Develop individual abilities for your character and feel the power of teamwork as you use special co-op abilities with your teammates. Get lost within the amazing visuals across multiple levels of gameplay, explore the world of heroes and prove yourself to be the greatest of them all!

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