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Описание и характеристики

Conan Unconquered key presents a captivating and immersive RTS adventure game developed by Petroglyph and published by Funcom. You are controlling a castle and numerous kinds of troops, and your goal is to withstand the ever-increasing savage horde waves that will do everything in their power to turn your well-preserved kingdom into ashes!   Solo, or Co-op? Buy Conan Unconquered key and immerse in the barbaric world of the iconic Conan. Build and expand your base and find new and better tactics to stop your enemies in their tracks. This survival RTS can be enjoyed in a single-player manner, where its only you and the savage AI, or as a shared multiplayer experience. In the latter case, both players will have the opportunity to defend a shared stronghold.   Array of Challenges With Conan Unconquered key you’ll experience how the true terror feels like. Facing against mere footmen may not look like a fierce challenge, however, with time the horde will start sending oversized snakes, scorpions, flying demons and even the undead! Furthermore, the game has plenty of natural disasters like fires, plagues, and numerous other game-changing challenges!   RTS Experience Conan Unconquered key offers an unprecedented real-time strategy experience with all the necessary elements: gather resource, build and fortify your stronghold, learn new technologies, explore for power-enhancing artefacts, set traps and adjust your strategy and tactics all throughout the game. The battlefield is constantly changing and in order to survive – you’ll have to change with it!

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