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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS key presents the newest historical grand strategy game developed by CREATIVE ASSEMBLY and published by SEGA! Prepare to immerse in one epic conflict across ancient China where once again the turn-based empire-building will mix and mash with completely wild and devastating real-time battles! One of the finest strategy adventures awaits your command! Setting Buy Total War: THREE KINGDOMS key and experience the era of legendary emperors, and bravest of warlords. China in 190CE was not the friendliest of places, while the land certainly had a natural beauty to it, the ego of man has devastated and fractured it to pieces. A call for a new emperor has emerged, and you are about to answer upon the calling! Legends Choose one of 12 most-powerful warlords throughout history and overtake the lands with superior tactics, strategy, skill, and knowledge! Each of the available characters is an undeniable Master of Its craft with a unique personality, playstyle, and specific objectives at sight! Total War: THREE KINGDOMS key incentivize you to recruit generals, build armies, and participate in the most dynamic inter-relationships in the series! You are not the only unique creation around; your enemies are not the least bit less exceptional! RTS & TBS Mash Once again, the fans of the Total War series can rejoice! The newest Total War: THREE KINGDOMS key release features the beloved real-time battles, and turn-based conquests format, this time, however, the two are more interconnected than ever before! Not only will your battle decisions impact the outer opinions about you, but they will also affect the numerous friendships and rivalries you accumulate throughout the game! Allies & Rivals can shift their roles in an instant, so expect the unexpected with this one!

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