Titanfall - Season Pass (DLC) Origin Key GLOBAL

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Titanfall Season Pass features three map packs with nine additional maps to test your skills at! The map packs included: • Map Pack 1: Expedition — play on Swamplands, Runoff and War Games! • Map Pack 2: Frontier’s Edge — play on Export, Dig Site and Haven! • Map Pack 3: IMC Rising — Zone 18, Backwater and Sandtrap! Titanfall is a multiplayer FPS game developed by Respawn Entertainment. Play as agile pilots equipped with a variety of weapons from machine guns to sniper rifles in a team of six, and fight against an enemy team in fifteen different maps and five game modes! Command Titans, giant mechanical creations! Once the titan falls from the sky, a player has a fixed amount of time to board it, once taken over, there’s no limit to what a titan can do! Of course, they can be killed, however lets leave the topic for theory crafters to discuss!

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