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If you ever wanted to play a Gundam themed game on the PC platform, and especially on Steam, you should do yourself a favor and buy SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays key. Coming from developers BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and publishers TOM CREATE, the newest Gundam video game is a tactical RPG set in the Gundam multiverse that was featured, explored and expanded upon in multiple anime series. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays plays as a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements, so prepare for deploying your best tactics and micromanaging the character development. Four Gundam universes in one game The continuity between different Gundam anime series is pretty loose. The only things these iterations have in common are the infamous and extremely cool looking Mobile Suits made from the exotic Gundanium alloy – the Gundams. Buy SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays key and see an epic crossover between four Gundam anime series: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, Gundam 00 and Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, each of them serving as four distinct single-player campaigns in the game. You’ll be able to relive iconic Gundam anime scenes! Along with that, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays includes Mobile Suits (also known as units) from all of the mentioned anime. Team Organization During the course of the game, you will need to construct a squad of Gundam units that you will command throughout the campaign. Once you buy SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays key, you’ll get two possible options to organize your team. The first one is known as the Warship Group, which is a squad of Gundam units with a carrier spacecraft at its core. The second one is the Raid Group which consists only out of the Gundam Mobile Suits. What makes it cool, is that you’ll be able to include different Gundams from the four different anime series in a single team! Attainment of units Even though you’ll command a team of Gundams, each of them levels up individually. After a specific unit reaches a certain level, you’ll unlock more Mobile Suits to further reinforce and develop your squad. Buy SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays key to fight enemies, develop Gundam characters in RPG fashion and produce new units according to attained designs. This can be accomplished not only through the leveling up process, but also through destroying enemy spaceships and acquiring the Mobile Suits they're carrying. Enjoy seeing the stylized Gundams in gameplay triggered cutscenes which feature not only the Mobile Suits but also their pilots from the respective anime series!

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