XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Complete Edition) Steam Key EUROPE

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  • Производитель: 2K Games


Описание и характеристики

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Complete Edition) features the original base XCOM: Enemy Unknown game along with three DLC packs for your full fight against the alien forces experience! XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Complete Edition) includes: • The original XCOM: Enemy Unknown base game • Enemy Within Expansion Pack • Elite Soldier Pack • Slingshot Pack XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an action strategy game developed by Firaxis Games. Play as the commander to a special paramilitary unit called XCOM. Your job is to protect earth from global alien invasion. Manage resources, advance technologies, and plan out individual units as well as global scale strategies to fend off the invading foe! Engage in over 70 unique missions, interact and negotiate with world governments, research alien devices and customize your own instruments of death! Build a base, develop it, grow your own units and participate in turn-based close combat!

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