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Developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo, Dragon Quest Builders 2 key brings the sequel to an epic sandbox role-playing action game that has already captivated audiences worldwide! The second iteration is even broader, more innovative, and of course, loaded with an array of new features! Immerse in a retro-style setting, traverse the captivating map, and construct your way to glory – there’s a long and entertaining road ahead! Game Modes The title brings two astonishing game modes! Both, the stunning single-player campaign, and the astounding multiplayer mode will cause an entertainment overdrive within you, and you are bound to love it! Buy Dragon Quest Builders 2 key and embark on a completely new storyline that’s fitting for new players and the long-time fans alike. Once you’re done with your solo ventures, grab up to three friends and collaborate on multiple challenges in a shared world with limitless potential! Epic Story Assume control of the one and only unprecedented hero, which you yourself will create and customize according to your needs! The Children of Hargon – a guild of culprits that praise destruction and despise the magic of creation has captured the best and most experienced builders of the world. You are the last of your kin. Buy Dragon Quest Builders 2 key and become the most admired and appraised creator the world has ever had the pleasure to witness. Face the unsurmountable evil head-on and build, build, build! Features & Intricacies The new game means new features and the title can boast plenty! The fast-travel system, ability to traverse by air and water, the new and expansive world full of mystery, challenges, and discovery are but a few of the things you’ll get to enjoy! The title offers a completely unique standalone experience that will captivate you for hours upon hours to come. Don’t miss out on an epic journey at-hand, buy Dragon Quest Builders 2 key today and embark on a quest of a lifetime!

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