Stronghold 3 (Gold Edition) Steam Key GLOBAL

343 р.
  • Производитель: 7Sixty


Описание и характеристики

Stronghold 3 (Gold Edition) is a medieval city-building strategy simulation game developed by FireFly Studios. Your castles must be built, and then managed with precision and order, and only you can achieve greatness and keep the towns-folk happy in their sleep! The building system had tremendous improvements made to is, the realistic physics along with cutting-edge graphics only complement the improvements even more! Immerse in one of the two story-driven campaign types and participate in brutal combat scenarios, or manage your economy and take care of that, what makes your kingdom bloom — the people living within. There’s also a vast multiplayer mode, where each and every contender can put his/her commanding skills to a test. It won’t be easy, but it certainly isn’t impossible. And while you are fighting some epic battles out there, don’t forget that the night can be your ally as well as your greatest nemesis.

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